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If It's Anything with Arashi, It's Good

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Zenbu Arashi!
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If it's Anything with Arashi, It's Good!

About Us

A community where you no longer have to worry if you're posting in the right community, or following the right rules. Here, there is only one rule.

If it's Anything with Arashi, it's Good!

Your posts can be absolutely anything! From dramas, movies, commercials, variety shows, fanart, fanfics, fanvids, cover songs, scans, polls/surveys, random rants, asking for help, looking for a certain arashi something, discuss about arashi, crack posts, contests, concert reports, randomly bragging your merchandise (selling your merchandise), showing a photo of your homemade Arashi birthday cake!
You name it!

No restrictions.
No moderation of posting or membership.
No stress of saying you'll be an active member.
You are finally free to do as you please.
As long as your post is about Arashi. By all means.

Welcome to Zenbu Arashi!

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